Penn State faculty member's book earns major award

November 06, 2009

A book by a Penn State faculty member in the College of Communications has been honored as the top book on mass media history published in 2008.

Associate professor Ford Risley received the award for "Abolition and the Press: The Moral Struggle Against Slavery" (Northwestern University Press). The award is presented annually by the American Journalism Historians Association.

"Abolition and the Press" examines the critical role that abolitionist newspapers played in opposing slavery in the decades before the Civil War. It shows how a group of dedicated editors became an voice of outrage, consistently pressing for an end in to slavery even in the face of criticism and violence.

Risley, who serves as head of the Department of Journalism, is the author of articles on the antebellum and Civil War-era press in various publications, including American Journalism, Civil War History, Georgia Historical Quarterly and Journalism History.

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