Continuing Education is offering Landscape Technology certificate

September 09, 2010

The Penn State Beaver Office of Continuing Education is offering a certificate program in Sustainable Landscape Technology. The program is designed not only for the beginning landscaper, but as a refresher course for the established landscape contractor. The sustainable landscape technology certificate is a 17-credit, six-course program that can lead to an associate degree. It is an accelerated program that can be completed in 15 months. The schedule includes evening classes that begin in October of 2010 and run through December of 2011.

After successful completion of the program, graduates can work in the green industry, using appropriate sustainable methods, from the identification of native plant material versus invasive and exotic plants, to the implementation of integrated pest management and weed management strategies. The program is designed to help students understand the environmental and physiological conditions and management practices used to produce, grow, and maintain ornamental plants, and how those practices affect the landscape.

For more information, contact the Office of Continuing Education at or, call 724-773-3700, or visit online.

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Last Updated September 13, 2010