Commission for Women holds Women's Technical-Service Workshop

April 07, 2011

The 2011 Women’s Technical-Service Workshop was held on March 22 and sponsored by the Human Resource Development Center and The Commission for Women. This workshop, which had 102 women attending, focused on customer service skills and tools. The FISH! Philosophy program was presented by Brynn Rousselin, Human Resource Development Associate used practical and situational activities to strengthen the program concepts of engaging customers. Jill Musser, Benefits Coordinator in the Office of Human Resources provided information on Penn State benefits, while Cindy Campbell of Recruitment and Compensation in the Office of Human Resources, provided information about job bidding and handed out sample packets.

Al Horvath, senior vice president for Finance and Business/treasurer was the keynote speaker. He emphasized the importance of providing exceptional service during challenging times with diminishing resources and increasing customer expectations. Horvath answered questions concerning the budgetary challenges facing the University. All of the participants appreciated his open and honest approach in answering their questions.

The Women’s Technical-Service Workshop Committee coordinated and facilitated the workshop by registering the participants, providing the workshop bags, informing the participants of opportunities for becoming members of The Commission for Women, and coordinating sponsorships and donating luncheon raffle takeaways.

Over lunch, participants had the opportunity to talk and interact with invited guests in informal discussions to share perspectives and ideas on issues faced by the participants. Invited guests included, Susan Basso, associate vice president of the Office of Human Resources; Gail Hurley, associate vice president of Housing and Food Services; Ford Stryker, associate vice president for Physical Plant; Stan Latta, associate vice president of Food Services and Residence Life; Bob Maney, director of human resources in the Office of Human Resources; Steve Maruszewski, assistant vice president for Physical Plant; and Jennifer Wilkes, human resource manager in Housing and Food Services.

The workshop ended with each participant pledging their customer service commitment and receiving a FISH! as their customer service pledge reminder.

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