WPSU announces Comcast Video on Demand schedule for early June

June 01, 2011

Comcast cable will offer several shows produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting on its Video on Demand service in the coming weeks.

Available from June 7 to 20: “Jane Goodall,” (1994). In her lasting message to the world as part of the "11th Hour" series, esteemed primatologist Jane Goodall implores humankind to reverse the trend of habitat destruction and recognize the importance and interaction of all species.

Available from June 7 to 20: “Domestic Violence,” (2007). Domestic violence is often referred to as “the silent epidemic” because its victims seldom speak out when it happens to them. It’s a social problem that affects our entire society. Learn what is being done to prevent domestic violence and help victims.

Available from June 7 to 20: “Container Gardens,” (2007). When there isn't space in a garden for favorite plants, they can be planted in containers and placed on a patio or deck. This clip provides step-by-step instructions for how to plant a beautiful and functional container garden.

Available through June 13: “D-Day,” (2008). William Carl shares his vivid memories of D-Day, his first day of combat. He also relives his return trip to Normandy, his visit to Omaha Beach, and the camaraderie he experienced on the twelve-day tour.

Available through June 13: “Normandy Beach,” (2008). When William Singer landed on Omaha Beach, he feared for himself, his fellow soldiers, and his wife and newborn at home. Both he and his brother served at Normandy, but Singer spent most of his time boxing aboard a Navy ship.


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