Four graduate students honored at acoustics and vibration workshop

May 30, 2012

Four engineering graduate students won top awards at the recent Center for Acoustics and Vibration (CAV) spring workshop's poster competition.

Abe Lee, an acoustics doctoral student, won first place for "Coupled Detached-Eddy-Simulation and Structural Vibration of a Cylinder due to Vortex-Shedding at Turbulent Reynolds Numbers." He received a $150 prize.

Two students won second place: Whitney Coyle, an acoustics doctoral student, for "Realistic terrain and atmospheric profiles in the GFPE" and Lloyd Scarborough, a mechanical engineering doctoral student, for "Coupled Fluidic Vibration Isolators for Rotorcraft Pitch-Link Loads Reduction." Each student received a $100 prize.

Yashwanth Tummala, a mechanical engineering doctoral student, won third place for "Design and Optimization of a Compliant Spine with Tailorable Nonlinear Stiffness." He won a $50 prize.

The two-day CAV workshop included presentations by CAV academic, industrial, government and international partners; panel sessions; student posters; and a short course.

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