Landscaping helps control ticks that carry Lyme disease

June 20, 2012

The black legged ticks that transmit Lyme disease thrive on the highly humid conditions of wooded areas and die quickly when exposed to a sunny, dry environment. You can keep your yard and garden free of ticks by clearing away areas of brush or tall grass and laying down gravel or wood chips as a barrier between the grassy lawn and any wooded area.

Pesticides are effective but should be supervised by a pest control professional and used only during the time of year when tick nymphs are likely to be present -- primarily May, June and July.

Having deer visit your back yard is not desirable if you live in an area where black legged ticks thrive. Discourage deer from visiting by constructing barriers and removing plants that attract them.

[SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control, “Lyme disease: a public information guide”]

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Last Updated June 20, 2012