Speaker Joe Martin will present program at Penn State Beaver

August 31, 2012

“Transitions: Step Up to College with Dr. Joe Martin” will be presented from 4:30 to 6 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 5 in the Student Union Building auditorium. The program is part of the First Year Experience (FYE) and is offered in support of ongoing student success and retention efforts. In addition, several courses are related to the event.

Recognized nationally as “America’s #1 Educator Motivator,” speaker and trainer Martin was raised in an inner-city ghetto in Miami, Florida, in a family plagued by alcoholism, drugs, and abuse. Martin watched six of his friends from violence and crime before he reached age 16. In spite of his childhood, he became the youngest professor ever hired to teach in the state of Florida at the age of 24.

Since becoming a teacher, Martin’s mission has been to “make sure good teachers don’t quit and talented students don’t drop out.” In his 14 years as an educator and nine years as an author, speaker, and educational consultant, he has personally trained, addressed, and coached more than 110,000 teachers across the country and taught more than 450,000 students, including elementary, middle, high school, Title I, gifted, and alternative education students.

Martin was voted “National Speaker of the Year” by the Association for Programming Campus Activities (APCA), was nominated twice for the Distinguished Teacher’s Award at his university (the youngest ever nominated), and selected to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. He is also the creator of the groundbreaking “New Teacher Retention Profile™,” a systematic tool designed to improve teacher retention through early intervention, and he is chair of the Florida New Teachers Conference.

Martin has written several books, including “Good Teachers Never Quit,” “When Students Just Won’t Listen,” “Stop Parenting and Start Coaching,” and “Tricks of the Grade: Street-smart Strategies for Students.” He is also the host of the weekly radio talk show, “Good Teachers,” and serves as president and founder of the website, “Real World University” at www.RWuniversity.com. Martin also created an award-winning website for teachers at www.NewTeacherUniversity.com.

His clients include the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), MetLife, the U.S. Navy, the National Education Association (NEA), and the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE). Martin also serves as a guest columnist for several national magazines.

For information about the program, contact the Beaver campus Office of Student Activities at ras62@psu.edu or 724-773-3947 or visit http://www.powerfulmotivationalspeaker.com/.

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