Jaster a finalist for American Shakespeare Center award

September 17, 2012

Margaret Jaster, associate professor of English and humanities at Penn State Harrisburg, was a finalist for The American Shakespeare Center’s Words in Action Award.

The award, presented annually on Shakespeare’s birthday, recognizes teachers from elementary to university levels whose approach to Shakespeare inspires students and personifies Shakespeare’s advice on being “great in act as you have been in thought.” Nominees are selected based on student recommendations and the quality of learning that students display.

“Dr. Jaster manages to enrich her classroom with a wealth of knowledge about Shakespeare. She makes our learning interactive and fun, so much that sometimes we don’t realize we’re in class. We delve into the text and come out with ideas, and Dr. Jaster nurtures them ­­–– turns them into something more,” said one student. “Without Dr. Jaster, I wouldn’t enjoy studying plays as much as I do. Dr. Jaster has the power to convert people to the love and appreciation of Shakespeare, and for that I, and so many of her students, appreciate her.”

“Dr. Jaster helped to open my eyes to theatre,” another student nomination said.

  • Margaret Jaster

    IMAGE: Penn State Harrisburg

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