Inaugural Democracy Institute lecture to look at polling paradox

January 03, 2013

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Larry Jacobs, a nationally renowned expert on political representation, will give the Penn State Democracy Institute’s inaugural lecture, “The Paradox of Polling: An Aid to Deliberation and Democratic Responsiveness or A Tool for Manipulation?” on at 7 p.m. Jan. 15, in 112 Kern Building.

Jacobs is the Walter F. and Joan Mondale Chair for Political Studies and director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance in the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute and Department of Political Science at the University of Minnesota. He will offer insight on the disconnect between politicians and the public on effective policies.

His research examines political representation – the nature and formation of public opinion, whether and how government responds to the public’s policy preferences and other evaluations, and the adaptation of government policy to the changing conditions and circumstances facing Americans. Jacobs has co-written 12 books including a comprehensive review of the Obama administration’s policy record, "Reaching for the New Deal: President Obama's Agenda and the Dynamics of U.S. Politics." Another book is "Class War? What Americans Really Think about Economic Inequality."

Based in the College of the Liberal Arts, the Penn State Democracy Institute brings together the top faculty and graduate students in several disciplines to develop knowledge and training that will provide legislators, policymakers, voters and the public with better ways to improve debate, discussions and governing in our country. Through teaching, creative research projects and public programs, the Democracy Institute will explore better routes to deciding controversial issues, such as health care and environmental regulation, and address how government can become more responsive to the people.

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  • Larry Jacobs will speak on the disconnect between politicians and the public on effective policies.

    IMAGE: Penn State
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