Media Highlights

Media Highlights

  • 7/17/19

    Work by professor Vasant Honavar and his IST team and collaborators at Purdue was cited in this story exploring why AI may not neutralize bias.

  • 7/13/19

    Beginning in the fall of the 2019 semester, Penn State’s College of IST will be offering a degree in human-centered design and development.

  • 7/12/19

    A team of researchers has developed an AI tool for detecting unfair discrimination -- such as on the basis of race or gender.

  • 7/10/19

    A new AI tool for detecting unfair discrimination -- such as on the basis of race or gender -- has been created by researchers at Penn State and Columbia.

  • 7/11/19

    The College of IST is offering a new bachelor of science degree in human-centered design and development (HCDD), beginning in the fall 2019 semester.

  • 7/4/19

    There is now a computer model that can help forecasters recognize potential severe storms more quickly and accurately, thanks to IST research.

  • 7/9/19

    A team of researchers have developed a machine learning model that could help forecasters better predict severe weather.

  • 7/8/19

    IST researchers hope to facilitate a connection between the Festival of the Arts and community that evokes emotion in festivalgoers through a mobile scavenger hunt game.

  • 7/10/19

    College of IST researchers have developed an interactive app for Festival of the Arts visitors to share their favorite experiences.

  • 6/28/19

    There is a lot of folklore on what works to counteract the burn of spicy food, but Penn State research says milk is best.