Sustainability Institute sponsors Interdisciplinary Climate Workshop on Dec. 6

From 1 to 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6, the Sustainability Institute will sponsor an interdisciplinary workshop on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The workshop will be free, though advanced registration is required, and space is limited (register here). A main goal of the workshop is to incorporate arts, humanities, and ethics perspectives into greenhouse gas mitigation projects.The workshop is sponsored by the Sustainability Institute and co-sponsored by the Institutes of Energy and the Environment, Rock Ethics Institute, and the Humanities Institute.

History professor Jonathan Brockopp, workshop organizer, explained, "the decade of the 2020’s will form an inexorable turning point in human history: either we join together to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, or we allow our inaction to commit future generations to a much warmer world." He added, "our December workshop is committed to making joint action possible by expanding climate change research to all corners of the University."

This four-hour workshop is open to faculty at all Penn State campuses, and is meant as a starting point for building new collaborative projects. It will feature brief reports from the many initiatives at Penn State that seek to mitigate the effects of climate change through reducing emissions, whether by sequestering carbon, managing soil and forests, building alternative energy infrastructure, encouraging conservation, or other means. It will also include work being done in the humanities, arts, and other fields to begin exploring collaborative possibilities.

The central goals for this workshop are:

-- to highlight the work already being done by PSU faculty, staff, and students;

-- to encourage collaboration among the conference participants, the broader University community, and the Commonwealth; 

-- to promote incorporation of arts, humanities, and ethics perspectives; and

-- to incentivize the realization of new collaborative projects.

For more information, see the event page or contact Jonathan Brockopp (