Theatre at Berks Presents: The Pavilion by Craig Wright

Perkins Auditorium

Craig Wright is an award-winning writer who is best known for his work with the television programs "Six Feet Under" and "Lost." His play, "The Pavilion," is focused on former high school sweethearts Peter and Kari, who meet at their high school reunion 15 years after a devastating breakup. Kari is consumed with bitterness and resentment, and Peter is determined to restart the only relationship that he thinks can give his life meaning. Wright uses an omniscient narrator who plays all the other characters in the play in this dramedy that takes a piercing, but humorous, look at lost love, grief and how our past decisions create our current circumstances. In a production directed by senior theater major Taylor Clark Housel, come see our talented theater students bring this intriguing story to life. This production is not appropriate for children.