Adjunct lecturer starts new role for National Labor Relations Board

October 05, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – David Goldman, an adjunct lecturer in the School of Labor and Employment Relations and administrative law judge, recently started a new role with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Goldman is the chief counsel for NLRB Member David Prouty.

Goldman is from North Carolina and received his bachelor’s degree from of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and his juris doctorate from Columbia Law School. He worked with the United Steelworkers (USW) for 16 years as both assistant and associate general counsel, handling union legal representation including at the NLRB and in federal courts. 

In the 1990s during his time with the USW, Goldman also briefly served in the NLRB Appellate Court branch. Since 2005, he has served as an administrative law judge for the NLRB, adjudicating unfair labor practice (ULP) cases across the country. Goldman has written and spoken on numerous ULP trial-related issues before the American Bar Association as well as the annual NLRB Administrative Law Judges Conferences.

Since 2000, Goldman has also served as a senior editor of "How to Take a Case Before the NLRB," a reference guide for the NLRB’s complex procedures and a comprehensive analysis for attorneys representing both employers and unions.  

Goldman has taught two classes, HRER 501 Labor and Employment Law and LER 401 The Law of Labor-Management Relations, for the school's online master of professional studies in human resources and employment relations program.

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Last Updated October 05, 2021