Twenty-six undergraduates to present research at ICUR

September 26, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Twenty-six Penn State undergraduates will present their research alongside hundreds of others across the world at the virtual 2021 International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), to be held Sept. 28-29.

ICUR is supported by Monash University, Australia, and the University of Warwick, England. Participating students will represent 14 higher education institutions from 12 countries. The public can view any of the undergraduate research presentations, as well as the panel sessions and keynote talks. Instructions on how to attend through the ICUR app can be found here.

This is the first year that Penn State students will participate in ICUR. Brian Brubaker, assistant vice provost of Global Learning at Penn Statesaid in addition to the opportunity to present their research, ICUR helps students hone their presentation skills through workshops and guides

“This entire process really educates and empowers students and prepares them well for events such as scientific conferences organized by associations in their respective fields, public presentations of their work to wider audiences and asking critical questions and different viewpoints on particular topics and problems,” Brubaker said. 

ICUR will also give presenters the opportunity to network with students and mentors from around the world who are working in the same field.

“This exposure, and opportunity to meet fellow students from different countries and continents, is also an opportunity for new international friendships and learning about other academic cultures and different ways of doing things,” Brubaker said. 

Spoken presenters, their majors and college or campus  

  • Laura Guay, biobehavioral health, College of Health and Human Development, French and Francophone Studies, College of the Liberal Arts
  • Ellie Kim, biochemistry and molecular biology, Eberly College of Science 
  • Brittany Bacorn, psychology, Penn State Beaver
  • Abbey Kollar, chemical engineering, College of Engineering
  • Tara Lyons, forensic science, Eberly College of Science 
  • Aayushi Patel, biology, genetics and development, Penn State Harrisburg 
  • Taylor Berek, biomedical engineering, College of Engineering 
  • Shay Toner, microbiology, Eberly College of Science 
  • Abriana Cain, nutritional sciences, College of Health and Human Development
  • Jared Griffin, biology, Eberly College of Science
  • Tehreem Syed, biology, Eberly College of Science  
  • Katherine McRury, architecture, College of Arts and Architecture 
  • Tanner Sherry, engineering science, College of Engineering
  • G. Michael Shott Jr., communication arts and sciences, Penn State Berks

Poster presenters, their majors and college or campus 

  • Shravan Asthana, biology, Eberly College of Science
  • Nicole Lookfong, life science, Penn State Harrisburg  
  • Yasmeen Benamar, psychology, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Eilene Deng, biochemistry and molecular biology, Eberly College of Science 
  • Maria Schultheis, animal science, College of Agricultural Sciences 
  • Hannah Eaken, theatre studies, College of Arts and Architecture
  • Harshraj Bandyopadhyay, physics, Eberly College of Science
  • Sindy Liu, chemistry, Eberly College of Science
  • Shrina Patel, biology, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Riley Young, molecular biology, Eberly College of Science
  • Emily Snow, biomedical engineering, College of Engineering
  • Jacquelyn Stochel, communication sciences and disorders, College of Health and Human Development 


Last Updated September 29, 2021