Groups use campaign to encourage vaccination in Penn State community

August 30, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) is leading an effort, in collaboration with Student Affairs and the College of Health and Human Development, to encourage the Penn State community to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible. The #VaxxNowPSU campaign encourages students to “get vaccinated and get back to the things we love” through social media and peer interactions on campus.  

“The opportunity to work with student leaders on this initiative is a reflection of the importance of getting vaccinated,” said Barry Bram. “The health and safety of all Penn Staters is a priority for everyone and will lead to the kind of vibrant, on-campus experience for which Penn State is known. While we may disagree on how best to achieve that, the overarching goal remains the same, and the students are demonstrating outstanding leadership through their partnership with the University and their efforts.”

The idea for the campaign came about because UPUA leaders felt it was important for students to hear from peers who have been vaccinated about why vaccines are vital to the community and for a return to normalcy. 

“The pandemic has shown us that our individual actions have a great effect on our communities and on our loved ones,” said Erin Boas, student body president, UPUA. “Vaccinations also help us return to the things we love, such as football games, student organizations, the arts, and more. These are all things that make our university vibrant and make our Penn State experience so great.”  

Boas wanted students to have quick access to accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine, so UPUA partnered with Student Affairs offices, including University Health Services (UHS), to develop materials and curate information that drives awareness around the importance of vaccines. They also have partnered with the College of Health and Human Development to increase the reach of theses messages.

The organization is providing information about where and how to get a vaccine, as well as common misconceptions around COVID-19 vaccines.

“The health and safety of our community is always the No. 1 priority, and it is important that as an educational institution we are disseminating scientifically backed information and promoting healthy behaviors — which is exactly what the #VaxxNowPSU campaign is founded in,” said Boas. “The campaign would not have been possible without the collaboration with student leaders and the Student Affairs staff. I am eager to see how we can continue this partnership to build upon this campaign throughout the year and also into other important endeavors in the future.”

Students from UPUA and leaders from several other student organizations are handing out informational materials and small giveaways at tables throughout campus and downtown. Information also is being shared throughout the semester on social media using the hashtag #VaxxNowPSU. Students can access a list of informational links at any time.

In addition, Boas and Micah Griffin, UHS senior director, will lead an Instagram Live conversation about COVID-19 vaccines at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 31. Students can learn more about any of these efforts by following UPUA and University Health Services on social media.

The University strongly encourages students to be vaccinated as the best line of defense against COVID-19. Students can schedule vaccines through University Health Services or through several community locations.

Last Updated August 30, 2021