Honor code established at College of IST

August 20, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — College of Information Sciences and Technology students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to sign the newly established IST Honor Code. Signing serves as a symbolic commitment that individuals will uphold the expectations of the IST community and affirms their commitment to the Penn State Values and the University’s emphasis on academic integrity.

The text of the IST Honor Code reads:

As a member of the College of IST community,
I uphold myself to the highest level of expected integrity
I hold responsibility for my decisions, actions, and their consequences
I exercise respect to faculty, staff, and peers both within and outside of my community
I advocate and participate in ethical and honest discovery
I achieve the highest level of excellence in my current and future endeavors
By upholding myself to these standards, I demonstrate the most authentic version of myself.

Developed by IST Student Government and adopted by the college, the college’s honor code puts into words the values held by the IST community.

“It is about how we as the IST community embody the Penn State values and commit to carrying them out beyond our time in the classroom as we go on to represent our alma mater in the work that we do,” said senior Caroline Sparrow, president of IST Student Government.

While the IST Honor Code will officially launch with the start of the fall 2021 semester on Aug. 23, many members of the IST community have already taken advantage of the opportunity to show their commitment.

Madeline Price, a second-year student at University Park, said that she signed the honor code to help hold herself — and others — accountable for conducting and producing authentic research and work.

“I would highly encourage all my fellow IST classmates to sign the honor code and bring to light the creation of unique and honorable work to display,” said Price. “This is extremely meaningful to the college because it provides a baseline of morals for its students to follow throughout their academic and professional careers.”

Joseph Czopek, who is pursuing a master of professional studies in cybersecurity analytics and operations through Penn State World Campus, signed the honor code last spring. An adult learner with a long career in the cybersecurity industry, Czopek said that the concept of an honor code was ingrained in him at the U.S. Naval Academy which he attended as a midshipman.

“I strongly believed in and followed the honor code at the Naval Academy,” said Czopek. “I signed the IST Honor Code because I strongly believe in it and feel that all students should commit to not lying, stealing or cheating.”

According to Sparrow, each individual who signs the Honor Code contributes to the strong collective environment at the college that is centered on academic integrity.

“One of the benefits of signing the code is simply accountability,” she said. “In signing the code, you agree to hold yourself to a higher standard, and you can share that commitment with those around you. Signing the code, practicing those values, and encouraging others to uphold them creates a better community for all.”

IST students, faculty, staff and alumni are encouraged to sign the IST Honor Code at ist.psu.edu/honor-code. There will also be in-person opportunities hosted by IST Student Government this fall to sign the Honor Code, including at IST Involvement Week Aug. 23-31.

Last Updated August 23, 2021