My journey to commencement: Kristen Capion

May 05, 2021

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Kristen Capion will receive her master’s of education in teaching and curriculum as part of Penn State Harrisburg’s Class of 2021. Here, in her own words, she reflects on her time as a student before and during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I entered the master’s of education in teaching and curriculum program at Penn State Harrisburg in fall 2018 as a relatively new teacher, still developing my own craft," said Capion. "As I worked through the required courses in my major, I interacted with many knowledgeable professors that helped me to refine my own teaching skills as a first-grade teacher. A lot of what I learned within my core courses; I was able to directly apply to my own classroom to better the educational experience that my own students receive.

Kristen Capion

Kristen Capion

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"Although the pandemic threw a wrench in how I had envisioned my time at Penn State, I wouldn’t change [what I learned]. I learned to be flexible, manage my time wisely, and quickly became a 'Zoom pro.' Three years later, I am exiting the program as a knowledgeable education professional that is capable of grounding my decision making in research, advocating for the best interest of my students, and using my own voice within the field to make a positive difference.

"Thank you to all my professors who invested their time and energy into my learning over the past three years," she concluded. "The future ahead is looking bright!"

Last Updated May 05, 2021