EMSAGE laureates make mark at Penn State, look to continue in careers

David Kubarek
May 05, 2021

Eleven students were named College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS) Academy for Global Experience, or EMSAGE laureates this spring semester. The honor shows these students excelled in broad categories of scholarship, experiential learning and global literacy, and service.

The EMSAGE program is the college’s signature undergraduate program for fostering well-rounded students who graduate with this broad skill set in addition to being excellent students, academically.

“EMSAGE laureates are highly visible members of the undergraduate community who have made the most of their Penn State experience and want to share their knowledge with others” said Karen Marosi, director of student engagement.

Because these graduates pursued a wide array of activities and accomplishments and have excelled in their coursework, Marosi said they leave Penn State with a substantially competitive edge in the global economy and with a passion for giving back to their fields and communities.

EMSAGE laureate Shane Leister, who is graduating with a degree in geography, said the program surrounded him with those willing to succeed while giving back to others through experiences and accomplishments.

The focus on areas of service and volunteerism, he said, put him on a path through college that wasn’t just about academics. And the broad focus of the program, he said, means he’ll approach his professional career the same way. He said the program set a high standard and good example for how he can succeed while making a positive impact on the world through his career.

“Being an EMSAGE laureate means that I truly have seen and been a part of the best of EMS," Leister said. “Considering the insurmountable number of notable alumni who have come through the college, knowing that my name will be among that history, tradition and honor is a truly remarkable feeling. Also, becoming a laureate means that I have become a part of something that is truly bigger than myself. Knowing that laureates like myself contribute to a culture of success while exemplifying the meanings behind scholarship, service and global literacy is something that I will carry with me for a very long time.”

The 2021 Spring EMSAGE laureates are:

  • Al Reem Alshimmari, geosciences
  • Robin Carbaugh, geosciences
  • Alexandra Hatfield, meteorology and atmospheric science
  • Mona Hill, energy and sustainability policy
  • Shane Leister, geography
  • Yizheng Liu, materials science and engineering
  • Rachel Martin, materials science and engineering
  • Colton Milcarek, meteorology and atmospheric science
  • Megan Penrod, materials science and engineering
  • Jenna Pulice, geography
  • Stanley Swithers, energy and sustainability policy

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Last Updated May 07, 2021