Staff asked to update JRWs as part of Compensation Modernization Initiative

April 29, 2021

As part of the University’s Compensation Modernization Initiative, all Penn State staff members and their managers are asked to update and submit Job Responsibilities Worksheets (JRW) by Friday, May 26. This past week, all staff members and managers of staff received an email message from Penn State human resources explaining the importance of these updates and providing guidance on how to make changes. 

All staff members are highly encouraged to document the details of their current positions so that the University can offer them more support in career growth and development, as well as properly align compensation with the work that staff members are doing. Updating the JRW should only take a few minutes for most staff members.

The JRW is an online form all staff members are asked to update annually as part of performance management conversations with their supervisor. It documents any changes made to a staff member’s role and responsibilities during the previous year and correlates to a staff job profile and level. This year, JRW updates are being utilized to meet critical goals of the Compensation Modernization Initiative. Up-to-date JRWs are essential for the creation of modernized job architecture that reflects all work being done by University staff, clarification on career growth and opportunities at the University, and market research on the competitiveness of the University’s staff salaries. 

The online JRW has been updated with new sections on fiscal responsibilities, problem solving, independence of action, and communication and collaboration. Three additional sections for supervisors to complete on behalf of their staff are education requirements, other requirements and work experience. Recent updates to staff JRWs will be carried over in the online system and can be edited. In addition, several JRW sections are now multiple choice to make the process easier for employees and more consistent for the University. 

Like the typical JRW update process, staff will need to complete their individual JRWs online and submit them for supervisor review. Supervisors will then review staff responses, provide comments and alignment as appropriate, and approve and submit the final JRW for approval by human resources.

By May 12, all staff should complete their initial JRW for supervisor review. Then, by May 26, all supervisors must finalize and submit staff JRWs to Human Resources. For security reasons, all Applied Research Lab (ARL) staff members and managers will utilize a separate process to update their JRWs. The ARL human resources team will reach out directly to all staff members and managers this applies to.

Completing your JRW

To get started on the JRW update process, access the online form through the JRW webpage on the human resources website. 

Staff members or managers who have questions on how to complete the JRW should review the JRW trainingprovided on the new Compensation Modernization Initiative microsite. Additional information and resources are available on the microsite’s JRW page. For general questions on the Compensation Modernization Initiative, email the project team at

Last Updated April 30, 2021