A message from Penn State President Eric Barron

April 27, 2021

President Barron shared the following message with University Park students, faculty and staff on April 27:

Dear students, faculty and staff:

Many of you are aware that two Black Penn State faculty members in the College of the Liberal Arts and the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications recently reported to local area law enforcement a very serious possible hate incident outside their home that was deeply distressing to them and their family. We want you to know that faculty and University leaders reached out immediately to the faculty members to express concern and offer support. Penn State Police offered its resources to the local investigating authority to assist any investigation.

The resolution of this case belongs with the local jurisdiction involved. Nevertheless, the incident underscores the importance of our anti-racism work as a University, and as a community of scholars. It also underscores the importance of our town-gown work to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all who live here. Groups like Community & Campus in Unity that have formed the Centre Region Anti-bias Coalition are critical to helping create a climate of acceptance and support.  

We also want to encourage students, staff and faculty members of our community who experience or witness acts of hate, or suspect that an act of hate has occurred, to call the Penn State Police or make a report by calling the Penn State Hotline at 800-560-1637 or by visiting hotline.psu.edu or equity.psu.edu/reportbias.  


Eric J. Barron

President, Penn State


Last Updated April 27, 2021