April 7 Wellness Day information now available online

April 01, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Information about the third and final Wellness Day, noninstructional days when wellness programming will be offered to students, faculty and staff, is now available at wellnessdays.psu.edu. Programming on April 7 will focus on physical and environmental wellness and include in-person events and self-paced options.

Wellness Days are intended to support the mental health and well-being of students, faculty and staff. Graduate students not enrolled in classes but undertaking research are invited to participate, too.

Physical and environmental wellness are important components of overall wellness, explained Dan Murphy, programming committee co-lead and director for Student Orientation and Transition Programs.

“Physical wellness is about listening to your body’s needs, supplying the right fuel and discovering your own paths to physical wellness,” said Murphy. “Environmental wellness is about connecting to your community and the wider environment. On April 7, we encourage Penn Staters to give themselves the gifts of nourishing food, physical movement and connection to the outdoors.”

The April 7 Wellness Day will provide Penn Staters with an opportunity to engage with Penn State programs and resources that relate to physical and environmental wellness (in addition to social and emotional wellness, which are at the core of all Wellness Day programming). Programs and resources will include: 

  • A nutritious dinner with an eye on sustainability and environmental wellness, offered at ten Penn State campuses by Housing and Food Services. The meal will feature Blended Turkey Bahn Mi sliders and Blended Vegan Asian Meatball Bahn Mi sliders, each made with local PA mushrooms. 
  • “A Day in the Park” at Buhl Park for Penn State Shenango faculty, staff and students, who will have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity and get outdoors.
  • A free, virtual one-hour wellness service for students by a trained peer health educator from HealthWorks. Participants can receive help identifying their goals related to physical activity and movement and tips to help them achieve their goals.
  • An opportunity to connect to the natural world from your home with the help of “Nature On the Go” activities designed by staff and students at the Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center.
  • A free virtual walking program hosted by Penn State Extension, available to anyone. Find motivation and inspiration to get outside and get moving, together with a team of up to five.
  • Additional resources participants can explore at their leisure, including podcasts, media guides and more.

More information about Wellness Day programs and resources, including FAQs, is available at  wellnessdays.psu.edu . These resources will be available not only on Wellness Days but throughout the semester.

For the latest news and information about Penn State’s COVID-19 response, visit virusinfo.psu.edu.

Last Updated April 01, 2021