Message from the Dean's Development Council co-chairs

November 17, 2020

We hope each of you is safe and healthy, and that we all remain so during these challenging times. As the College of Education approaches the final stretch of the Greater Penn State Campaign, the Dean’s Development Council continues to support the college’s Development staff and its members remain optimistic that we will reach, and perhaps exceed, our targeted goals by June 2022. Dean Kimberly A. Lawless and new Director of Development Steve Wilson have provided strong guidance and leadership along with their energy and enthusiasm as we move forward.

It has been more than 20 years since we established an endowed undergraduate student scholarship in the College of Education. Like many donors, we have been fortunate to meet with the recipients of the scholarship. The experience of hearing their stories and listening to their aspirations has been truly rewarding.

Their thank you letters, along with our conversations with them, have given us a deeper understanding of the impact the scholarship has had on them, not only financially but personally. Relieving somewhat their financial burden, reducing their need to work while in school, and allowing them more time to be students are consistent themes in their letters. You can see some of their comments in the box on this page.

Thanks so much to each of you, our fellow College of Education donors. Your philanthropy makes a difference in the lives of our future educators.

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Quotes from College of Education students.

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Quotes from students:

“The cost of tuition and textbooks is a struggle for me and my family and your generosity means so much to alleviate some of the stress and worry in my mind.”

“The scholarship has taken away a good amount of the financial burden that my family was going to experience. Due to the award I no longer have to make getting a job a priority.”

“I do not come from a family that is well off. With this financial assistance, I do not have to take out such a big loan to pay back.”

“I look forward to graduating in May so I can begin my career as a high school teacher. With your help, I am even closer to this goal.”

Last Updated November 17, 2020