Workshop explores the martial art of awareness

October 16, 2020

HERSHEY, Pa. — Penn State faculty, staff and students are invited to explore Zhong Xin Dao (ZXD), the martial art of awareness, in an online workshop from 4 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 23. Grandmaster Sam F.S. Chin will lead participants in a session about how to be mindful in order to understand the relationship between the mind and the body. This online lecture will include stretching and breathing exercises for health.

This event is sponsored by the 2021 Wellness Mini Grant from the Office of the Vice Dean for Faculty and Administrative Affairs of Penn State College of Medicine, the college’s Office of Faculty and Professional Development and Penn State Health Human Resources.

ZXD shares the principles of tai chi and revolves around Grandmaster Chin’s signature curriculum, “The Martial Art of Awareness.” This pathway to self-cultivation and individual and collective empowerment has been refined for more than 20 years for practitioners deeply committed to embodying and sharing the processes of “learning how to learn” through recognizing how an individual moves, thinks and feels — in short, where someone’s attention gets placed.

Foundational exercises bring attention to the relationship of the body to the constancy of change: in nature, in each person’s body, and in the environments around the individual. Through step-wise practice and safe, carefully planned exercises, participants develop mindfulness of mental states and physical conditions and ways to recognize, realize and know from direct experience.

During ZXD workshops, students learn for themselves the skills that mindfulness provides. They can then apply these skills — of attention, understanding how their mind, body and emotions connect — to contexts in daily life, well beyond the classroom.

The ZXD approach teaches mindfulness, sensitivities, emotional intelligence and regulation, inner peace and happiness, how to collaborate, and how to communicate with effectively increased coordination through mindful movement and confidence.

The workshop is offered at no charge to anyone at any Penn State location. Others may participate via donation to the instructor. No prior knowledge is required.

For details, email Nikolay Dokholyan at or read more about the event.

Last Updated October 16, 2020