College Announcements: Oct. 14, 2020

October 13, 2020

Request for grant proposals

The Penn State Center for Human Evolution and Diversity (CHED) invites proposals for small grants for innovative, multidisciplinary education projects promoting public knowledge about human evolution, modern human diversity, the evolution of health and disease in humans, and the nature and future of human-environment interactions. Successful projects will showcase research conducted at Penn State, including but not limited to research previously supported by CHED, through a series of short (about 10 minute) podcasts. Applicants may propose the creation of one or two podcasts representing their research. Ten to 15 successful awards, of $2,000 each, will be disbursed to the University research accounts of the successful applicants.

Applications consisting of a two-page project summary, an NSF-style biographical sketch of the primary applicant, and a project timeline should be sent to Nina Jablonski, Evan Pugh University Professor of Anthropology, at and Mark Shriver, professor of anthropology, at on or before Friday, Nov. 6.  Final selection of awards will be based on internal peer review.

If you have an announcement you would like to share with the College of Education, send it via email to Submissions must include a contact name and telephone number so that Connections can verify the information.





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