2021 spring semester education abroad canceled

October 04, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — University leadership has announced the cancellation of study abroad programming through the spring 2021 term. This decision was made in light of specific challenges faced in offering viable education abroad programs. (Penn State also announced broader plans for spring 2021 on Oct. 4; more information is available here.)

“With sufficient concern surrounding the global pandemic and on-going disruption around the world, this decision was not made quickly or lightly. Our decision is rooted in the profound current uncertainties about travel out of the United States, mobility in host locations, and the ability to even return to one’s home country,” said Brian Brubaker, director of Education Abroad in Global Programs. “We, in good conscience, cannot provide programs with so many unknown issues.”

Additional factors played into this decision, such as continued cases of COVID-19 during the upcoming months, international travel advisories, potential health risks to self and others, limited immigration and consular services support, and financial and academic planning issues.

Education abroad applications for the spring 2021 semester will be deactivated, and the non-refundable $250 Education Abroad Administrative fee will not be assessed.

Students are encouraged to speak with their education-abroad program representative to formally withdraw from programs to avoid unnecessary withdrawal fees. Education Abroad is available to support students in applying to an education abroad program in later term if it is appropriate, and students are encouraged to consult with Education Abroad advisers to explore options for participating in study abroad.

Considering the decision, Education Abroad in Global Programs is working with faculty and partners on ways to infuse more global experiences into the spring semester curriculum and possibly offering a larger, more diverse group of programming for summer 2021. For the most current information on Education Abroad, visit sites.psu.edu/globalprogramsinfo/.

Students are invited to join the 2020 Virtual Education Abroad Fair (registration is required) on Oct. 14 to learn about future opportunities.

Last Updated October 07, 2020