Faculty profile: Susan Land

September 30, 2020

Name: Susan Land

Title: Professor of Education (Learning, Design, and Technology)

Department: Learning and Performance Systems

Phone: (814) 863-5990

Email: sml11@psu.edu

Office address: 310D Keller Building

Directory entry: https://ed.psu.edu/directory/sml11

Land is director of undergraduate and graduate studies for the Department of Learning and Performance Systems (LPS) and was named interim head of the Department of LPS in November 2020. Her research emphasizes frameworks for the design of open-ended, technology-enhanced learning environments. Land is a Co-PI on a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, “Transforming Outdoor Places into Learning Spaces,” which examines the design of mobile, augmented reality (AR) technologies to support science learning in outdoor community spaces. The project engages rural families and visitors to public, outdoor community spaces like The Arboretum at Penn State to “see the unseen” science around them. Her research is part of the Augmented and Mobile Learning Research Group.

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