Student opens door to another opportunity with virtual internship

July 15, 2020

(Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of stories about students from the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications completing summer internships.)

Sometimes opportunity knocks and sometimes you have to open the door and look.

Morayo Ogunbayo mostly opens doors — a lot of doors.

Morayo Ogunbayo

For journalism major Morayo Ogunbayo, a virtual summer internship provided the latest opportunity to broaden her experiences and hone her skill set.

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Ogunbayo, a rising junior who grew up in New York and lives with her parents outside Atlanta, chose Penn State because it was a big school and because of the reputation of its journalism program. She had options, and she liked the opportunities the University offered.

“Penn State was always on my radar. I always wanted a big school,” said Ogunbayo, a Schreyer Honors Scholar who earned a Bunton-Waller Fellowship. “Every college student has highs and lows and freshman year can be hard, but I like my classes and my professors. It’s been the right place for me.”

She’s been opening doors on campus since she arrived, consistently making connections and seeking opportunities.

Ogunbayo served as a staff writer for The Daily Collegian, joined Valley Magazine and became the entertainment editor, and some of her photos were published as a part of a reporting project included on The Lion’s Roar, which features work by Penn State students as part of partnerships, reporting and production classes, and special opportunities in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications.

She’s a journalism major, with a minor in sustainability, and she never seems to tire of seeking opportunities.

She found her latest — an internship with TAJA, a coconut water startup company based in Atlanta — thanks to a family friend.

Her assignments for the virtual internship have provided a mix of experiences since she started in early June. Much of the work has been focused on social media. She has also written backgrounders and news releases, built spreadsheets of media influencers and collaborated on longer-term projects.

“It’s been pretty self-directed,” Ogunbayo said. “At the same time, it’s also been a learning experience and a good complement to my classes. I’m getting the chance to create and do things I’ve never done before.”

When she does not know what to do, she asks or seeks out answers -- again, opening doors.

Ogunbayo arrived at Penn State fairly focused on writing. She planned on honing her skills and working toward a career that would allow her to utilize those skills.

This summer internship has broadened her outlook.

“Getting to see how I work in a professional environment has been helpful,” she said. “Getting this hands-on experience has been great, and I’m learning about other things that interest me.”

At this point, she’s most interested in getting back to campus. While the University has many courses that will be delivered remotely in the fall semester as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, four of Ogunbayo’s five classes will be conducted in person.

“It will be different, but it’s still Penn State,” Ogunbayo said.

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