COVID task group to provide options for testing, contact tracing implementation

June 28, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The COVID-19 Health Resources Task Group will soon be providing a set of options to Penn State leadership for the implementation of a rigorous testing and contact tracing program this fall. A brief video update from co-leads Stephen Tracey, professor and executive director of the Center for Supply Chain Research and Penn State Executive Programs, and Kevin Black, dean of the College of Medicine, summarizes the members’ progress as they prepare their recommendations.

“Protecting the health and safety of our Penn State and local communities is imperative,” said Dr. Black. “We have been moving purposefully and with caution — recognizing that there is an urgency to the process, as well as a desire for details. Ultimately, we are recommending the highest possible levels of testing and contact tracing that are achievable, given factors such as available resources and fluctuating infection rates.” 

The group comprises more than 30 highly qualified faculty and staff members from a range of disciplines and units across Penn State, including clinicians, scientists, engineers, IT and systems experts, and more. It also has representation on behalf of the University Park campus, as well as the commonwealth campuses, and is directly connected to other University COVID-19 work groups.

Last Updated July 01, 2020