COVID-19 signage available for display across Penn State campuses

June 24, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — As the University prepares for a phased return to campus, a collection of COVID-19 signage is now available from the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) for display across Penn State’s campuses. To help inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about expectations for healthy living and a safe return to campus, the “Stay Well” signs highlight important actions like wearing face masks, social distancing, washing and sanitizing hands, and more. The collection also includes distancing markers, arrows, and maximum occupancy signs, among others.

The Office of Physical Plant will lead an effort to provide and/or install signage at building entrances, in general-purpose classrooms, and at select high-use facilities across Penn State’s campuses. In addition to the OPP signs, to help areas across the University physically prepare for a phased return, the following “Stay Well” signs now available for use include:

  • Signs that are ready to be downloaded, printed and installed by unit staff.
  • Signs that can be edited, printed and installed by unit staff.
  • Signs that facilities coordinators can order and purchase to be printed by Multimedia Print Center (MPC).

For reference, a user guide with visual examples; signage files; and information about how units can work through their facilities coordinator or director of business services (DBS) to purchase signs in large quantities and/or in vinyl and other materials from MPC, are available online. Signs should be ordered from MPC in advance of any facility re-opening to allow time for printing and posting prior to occupants’ return.

As the safety and well-being of the community is the primary concern, the “Stay Well” signs are intended as a public resource to help units display consistent COVID-19 signage in buildings and spaces across Penn State’s multiple campuses.

While OPP generally oversees the posting of signs within facilities, units do not need to seek approval from OPP to use and display the printable “Stay Well” signs. However, large-format signs, including banners, must be approved by OPP. Areas across the University are encouraged to use the signs exclusively and/or alongside any specific or required coronavirus signage for their unique operations and audiences.

At University Park and the campuses, OPP will lead an effort to:

  • Install signs for exterior doors for all “education and general” buildings at University Park during a building’s preparation for re-occupancy.
  • Provide signs for exterior doors for all “education and general” buildings at the Commonwealth Campuses and work with the campus’ DBS to execute installation. These signs need to be ordered from MPC.
  • Provide interior signs for all general-purpose classrooms and free-standing signs for select high traffic buildings (e.g. student unions and libraries) at University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses.

For all other locations, including departmental or academic unit classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and common spaces, units are responsible for printing and installing interior signs. The work order process can be used to order specialty signs from the OPP Sign Shop for units such as Athletics, Housing and Food Services, and Hospitality Services.

In the coming weeks, new “Stay Well” signage will continue to be developed centrally and posted online for units to download and display.

Digital signage templates also have been distributed to digital sign coordinators across Penn State for inclusion in their area’s content display rotation. To join a community of practice to learn more about digital signage, visit this link.

Questions about displaying, printing, and/or ordering “Stay Well” signs for your building should first be directed to your area’s facilities coordinator or your campus’ director of business services. Additional questions can be sent to Kelly Harris in the Office of Physical Plant at


Last Updated June 18, 2021