College of IST launches new degree in enterprise technology integration

June 04, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A new degree offered by Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) will help to prepare professionals to solve organizational problems through technology systems solutions. The bachelor of science in enterprise technology integration (ETI) degree will be available to students at University Park beginning in the fall 2020 semester.

The program will focus on providing students with expanded knowledge in cloud computing and database technologies combined with business concepts. Students will gain skills in analyzing organizational needs, formulating and implementing technology-based solutions, and evaluating outcomes that stretch within and across organizations.

“Legacy IT systems are often inflexible and fragile, and system interconnectivity can be problematic. Enterprise systems that unify applications, services and databases give organizations a competitive advantage,” said Rosalie Ocker, ETI program coordinator and teaching professor of IST. “Graduates of the new program will drive this innovation through data, information, and systems implementation to solve problems for organizations and the people within them.”

The interdisciplinary curriculum combines foundational coursework in areas such as information technology and business, with specialized courses in cloud computing, enterprise analytics, advanced database technologies and supply chains. Like all programs in the college, ETI will also equip students with leadership, teamwork and communication skills that are critical to success in the digital economy.

Further, students will take a sequence of courses in an application focus area — such as business, international cultures or cybersecurity — to gain deeper knowledge about systems integration in a particular domain.

“The ETI program strengthens the college’s portfolio of interdisciplinary undergraduate programs that respond directly to industry needs,” said Andrew Sears, dean of the College of IST. “Most importantly, it better positions our graduates to compete and be productive across all sectors of today’s information technology-intensive workplace.”

The program is directed primarily at students seeking careers in systems integration, as well as IT and business consulting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 12% growth in IT occupations over a 10-year period ending in 2024 and, according to Ocker, ETI graduates will have the skills needed to succeed in these critical roles.

“The blend of expertise in new technologies and foundational business knowledge, coupled with interpersonal skills, will set apart this program and our students,” explained Ocker. “Ultimately, the program will help to meet the growing needs in organizational computing, including those driven by the emergence of cloud computing and database technologies.”

The new degree was driven by industry demand along with feedback from the college’s corporate partners and alumni. It is the latest evolution of the existing integration and application option within the information sciences and technology bachelor of science program.

The integration and application option will be phased out at University Park while allowing all current students pursuing it to complete their degrees. This option will not be available to incoming students after the fall 2022 semester, but it will remain available at several Commonwealth Campuses.

Current students who are interested in switching to the new ETI program should contact their academic adviser. Students who have recently completed their first year in the existing integration and application option are strongly encouraged to discuss with their academic adviser to find out if changing to the ETI major aligns with their goals.

Visit the College of IST website to learn more about the enterprise technology integration degree program.

Last Updated June 04, 2020