Pennsylvania residents should be aware of unemployment compensation scam

June 04, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry recently reported a new unemployment compensation scam. Residents of Pennsylvania may have received fraudulent pandemic unemployment compensation checks in the mail without having filed for unemployment compensation benefits.

Already, some Penn State employees have reported receiving these paper checks when they have not filed for unemployment compensation benefits and are actively working.

If you have received a check without having filed a unemployment compensation claim, immediately inform your unit Human Resources Strategic Partner or Consultant and contact the Department of Labor and Industry.

Do not cash the fraudulent check, as this could compromise your personal information, and do not send personal information to anyone. Using the funds knowing that you have not filed for unemployment compensation benefits may constitute as fraud.

More information regarding this scam, where to return this check, and contact information for the Department of Labor and Industry, may be found on the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation website.

Last Updated June 04, 2020