Faculty profile: Xiangquan (James) Yao

May 13, 2020

Name: Xiangquan (James) Yao

Title: Assistant Professor of Education (Mathematics Education)

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 814-865-9062

Email: xzy73@psu.edu

Office address: 266 Chambers Building

Directory entry: https://ed.psu.edu/directory/xzy73

Yao's research interest considers the nature of mathematical thinking with technology and mathematical understandings for teaching with technology. His current work focuses on learners’ engagement in mathematical generalizing when using technological tools that are capable of performing mathematical procedures (e.g., graphing, symbolic algebraic manipulation, arithmetic calculations, constructing and manipulating geometric figures, and statistics calculations and data display). He also investigates pre-service mathematics teachers’ technological, mathematical and pedagogical knowledge for engaging learners in making generalizations with technology. He completed his doctoral work in mathematics education at The Ohio State University.

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