Libraries updates borrowers on returning materials and rented equipment

May 11, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — In an expression of support of the Penn State University Libraries borrower community, all borrowers of Libraries materials who may have incurred overdue fees between Dec. 20 and March 15 have been notified that those fees have been forgiven. No new fees have been applied to borrowers' accounts since March 15.

Earlier in April, all borrowed items with spring 2020 due dates were renewed through Aug. 13, the end of the second summer session. Those materials will be renewed again during the summer for those who are planning to return to campus in the fall, dependent upon University decisions on resuming on-campus instruction. In addition, all recall notices for items have been suspended through the summer.

Graduating students who wish to return materials from any University Libraries location University-wide may return them to outdoor library book drops, if available, or use the Ask a Librarian service for information about returning materials to a specific campus library. Materials will remain on student accounts until Libraries employees are on site to process returns.

University Libraries' Media and Technology Support Services equipment rented during the spring semester has been renewed. Department staff ask that students who plan to return to campus wait to return equipment until in-person instruction resumes.

Graduating students who possess rented equipment may return items by mail and should contact the department for instructions at The department is investigating options for providing postage-paid mail service and will provide instructions as they become available.

Last Updated May 14, 2020