Jones to receive 2020 Award for Administrative Excellence

March 27, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Amanda Jones, senior director for human resources – academic units and human resources strategic partner in the Eberly College of Science, has been honored with the 2020 Award for Administrative Excellence.

Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

IMAGE: Penn State

The award, established in 1970, is given to a faculty or staff member whose performance, methods and achievements exemplify the highest standards of administrative excellence.

For the past 11 years, nominators said Jones is an asset for faculty, staff and leaders. They said her patience and key understanding of issues that arise make her well-suited for handling a range of issues.

When dealing with sensitive issues, nominators said, Jones has an intuitive sense for what will work with each individual. She excels at both counseling staff members or management. She’s also credited with being an asset when hiring new employees.

“Amanda has an extraordinary ability to frame a problem, propose and evaluate solutions, and offer a plan to implement that solution,” a nominator said. “She doesn’t dictate solutions; rather she probes, listens, reflects and then articulates a clear path to action.”

Several department heads praised Jones’ skill in offering guidance on a range of issues. They said she’s also quick to resolve delicate matters before they worsen.

“Amanda has a demanding job where she is constantly being asked to help members of the college resolve tricky personnel issues,” a nominator said. “She has the right instincts and that’s from her deep understanding of both the HR policies and her deep understanding of people.”



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