Penn State Berkey Creamery Flavor Madness online competition is back

Kelly Jedrzejewski
March 12, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — What is this year’s No. 1 Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream flavor? Flavor Madness returns this month to ask ice cream lovers that very question in an online-only competition.

Flavor Madness touts new and old flavors in what arguably could be the stiffest competition in the ice cream world. The online tournament allows ice cream fans to vote weekly for their favorite flavors. Death by Chocolate is the reigning champion, sweeping the competition two years running. Will it be unseated this year?

“Since the Creamery has expanded its ice cream pint flavor selections to 20, we thought it only fitting to give the pint-size containers an opportunity to compete this year,” said Jim Brown, assistant manager. “And though many of the flavors are the same as last year, the bracket selections worked out a little differently, creating new possibilities for the finals."

Voting will take place on the Creamery's website; participants also are encouraged to share their picks on social media by using the hashtag #FlavorMadness.

Fans can choose their favorite pint flavors each week, starting with the Berkey Creamery Sweet 16 from March 16 to 20. Participants can vote for each matchup in four different brackets.

The “I Scream” bracket features Death by Chocolate facing off against Chocolate Marshmallow and Peachy Paterno vs. Peanut Butter Cup. In the “You Scream” bracket, Bittersweet Mint is squaring off against Butter Pecan, with WPSU Coffee Break going head-to-head with Monkey Business.

Deans Flavor Madness

Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences gets in on 2020 Flavor Madness fun: Dean Rick Roush, Director of Administration Susan Sampsell, and Senior Associate Dean Steven Loerch filled out their Flavor Madness brackets. Can your bracket beat theirs?

IMAGE: Michael Houtz

The “We All Scream” bracket contains Cookies-N-Cream pitted against Happy Happy Joy Joy and Alumni Swirl vs. Raspberry Fudge Torte. Finally, the “For Ice Cream” bracket offers voters a choice between Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Scholar’s Chip, and between Grilled Stickies and THON Gold Ribbon Ripple.

The Flavor Madness voting schedule is as follows:

The Creamery Sweet 16: March 16-20, with eight winning flavors announced March 23.

Elite 8: March 23-27, with four winning flavors announced March 30.

Flavorful 4: March 30-April 3, with winning flavors announced April 6.

Tasty 2: April 6-10, with the "scoop champion" announced April 13.

Online orders of the winning pint flavor will be discounted by $1 per pint from April 13 to 17.

Although the Creamery's retail store on campus is closed until further notice, online sales of Creamery products will continue.

Another sweet bonus — participants in the Flavor Madness contest will be entered in a drawing for a free pint shipment of Creamery ice cream (within the 48 continental U.S. states), with a new winner chosen every week. Winners will be selected at random from the pool of each week’s players with a valid email address.

Participants must re-enter each week to be eligible for that week’s prize. Winners will be contacted by email and must respond within seven business days to claim their prize. Winners will receive a free six-pack of pints of ice cream or frozen yogurt delivered right to their door. For complete contest rules, go to

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Last Updated April 21, 2020