Nursing students offer health and wellness outreach at University Park Airport

Kelly Wolgast
February 26, 2020

Forty senior Penn State nursing students demonstrated community health outreach in February at the University Park Airport. As part of the Nursing 415, Community and Family Health Nursing course, students learn to provide culturally appropriate care of community-based clients who differ in terms of age, developmental stage, health beliefs, values and practices.

Nursing students at table

Madison Reber (Westchester, Pennsylvania), Abigail Strickland (Gastonbury, Connecticut), Amanda Grieco (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)

IMAGE: Penn State

With this on-site engagement opportunity, nursing students demonstrate interpersonal skills necessary for collaboration with and among culturally diverse consumers, community agencies, health professionals, and health-related resources in the community.

“It was great to be able to provide education on health issues specific to our community. Community outreach events like this are important to help prevent serious health problems in the future and ultimately help people to lead a healthier life,” said Gabrielle Senkow, senior nursing student.

In collaboration with the airport leadership and Beth Cutezo, assistant teaching professor, students set up tables and presented health and wellness materials on blood pressure and pulse, Lyme disease, lung health and smoking cessation, and hot and cold injury awareness and prevention to airport employees and people who fly in or out of the airport.

“This outreach learning allows our nursing students to engage with the public on really important health and wellness topic areas. This type of public-facing interaction builds confidence for our students, provides a terrific service to our community, and shares important health information," stated Cutezo.

The four-credit nursing course is completed by all Penn State Nursing students in their senior year. The purpose of the course is to learn about therapeutic nursing care and health promotion concepts to families, groups and populations in the community. The intent is for nursing students to engage the community at the airport site each fall and spring semester.

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Last Updated February 26, 2020