Leuenberger recognized for Exceptional Moments in Teaching

February 05, 2020

HERSHEY, Pa. — Dr. Urs Leuenberger, a professor in the Department of Medicine and cardiologist at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute, is featured for February in the “Exceptional Moments in Teaching” program.

A professional headshot of Dr. Urs Leuenberger, wearing a tie and medical coat.

Dr. Urs Leuenberger

IMAGE: Penn State College of Medicine

“Dr. Leuenberger is an excellent humanities facilitator,” wrote one current student. “He challenges us to consider why we hold the opinions and perspectives that we have and asks questions that encourage us to think more critically about views others might have and why. He facilitates open and honest discussions among group members, interjecting only when we seek clarification or appear hesitant to say more. When we ask him to provide an example from his practice about a topic we are discussing that day, his examples are always relevant and thought-provoking. He is one of the kindest, most respectful and most thoughtful professors I have ever had.”

Leuenberger grew up in Switzerland and completed medical school at the University of Bern. He came to the U.S. first as a visiting medical student and later for postgraduate training. He has been a cardiologist and National Institutes of Health-funded clinician-scientist for more than two decades. 

While his research interest has been cardiovascular reflexes and neural control of the circulation, Leuenberger has been more impressed by the physician’s role in the patient’s experience and its potential impact on outcome. 

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