World Campus Faculty Development offers 15 free courses on teaching online

January 09, 2020

Penn State World Campus Faculty Development is offering 15 different courses free of charge this winter and spring to Penn State faculty and instructors who want to learn to teach more effectively online.

Many courses, including the foundational OL 2000: Essentials of Online Teaching, are offered multiple times during the semester. OL 2000 is an instructor-led course on topics including discussion management, assessment techniques, developing learning activities, reflective practice and planning for future development and community building.

“OL 2000 is a great starting point for faculty who are just starting to teach online, or for faculty who have been teaching online but want a refresher,” said Shawna Cassick, senior program associate and faculty adviser. The course has had more than 750 enrollments since 2016.

Other classes cover areas such as using the Canvas learning management system, making sure courses are accessible to all users, designing assessments, teaching adult and military students, and conducting research with online students.

Courses are either instructor-led or self-directed. Additional courses will be offered starting in July.

The full list of courses offered includes:

  • OL 1000: Introduction to World Campus (Starts March 1, May 1)
  • OL 2000: Essentials of Online Teaching (Feb. 3, April 6, June 1)
  • OL 3000: Supporting Accessibility for Online Learners (Jan. 1, March 1, May 1)
  • OL2100: Introduction to Canvas (Feb. 1, April 1, June 1)
  • OL2150: Canvas Hands On (Feb. 3, April 6)
  • OL 2600: Course Authoring Accessibility Basics (Feb. 1, April 1)
  • OL 2300: Teamwork in Online Teaching and Learning (Feb. 3, May 4)
  • OL 3200: Serving the Military and Veteran Student (March 1)
  • OL 3800: Excellence in Academic Advising (March 1, June 1)
  • OL 2400: Integrating the Library into your Online Course (March 2, June 1)
  • OL 3500: Gamification in Online Teaching and Learning (March 2)
  • OL 3100: Teaching the Adult Learner (April 1)
  • OL 2200: Assessment of Online Learners (May 4)
  • OL 3400: Online Course Design (May 4)
  • OL 1100: Conducting Research with your Online Students (June 1)

For more information, visit the World Campus Faculty Development website.



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