Penn State leaders denounce religious attacks in New Jersey neighborhood

December 11, 2019

It is with heavy hearts that we again address a horrific act of violence that appears to have been fueled by hate and ignorance. The Tuesday (Dec. 10) shootout that left six people dead in Jersey City, New Jersey, is believed to be tied to anti-Semitic and anti-police sentiments that motivated two armed men to open fire on innocent people in a kosher market.

On behalf of Penn State, which has a substantial New York/New Jersey student population as well as an established Jewish community, we condemn in the strongest possible terms those responsible for these acts of terror, violence and bigotry — which are meant to cause deep harm and create unimaginable pain. Acts such as these have global impact on our community. We offer our sincere condolences to those affected by these incomprehensible events that are absolutely contrary to our expressed vision for a diverse, caring and peaceful world.

We mourn those whose lives have been taken. We support and offer comfort to survivors of this and other senseless tragedies. We use this platform to tell perpetrators of such violence that they will be held responsible. And we send a message of hope to all in our community that at Penn State, we will continue to fight the fury of intolerance that we unfortunately encounter. 

Representatives from Student Affairs and World Campus are reaching out to students from the region most closely impacted as well as the Penn State Jewish community. For members of our community who may need assistance or who have been deeply affected by the tragic events of yesterday, University resources are available at the following places:

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are available at each of Penn State’s Commonwealth Campuses.
  • The Penn State Crisis Line (1-877-229-6400) is a 24/7 toll-free service staffed by licensed professionals available to all Penn Staters at University Park and Commonwealth Campuses.
  • Community member can also text the 24/7 Crisis Text Line by texting “LIONS” to 741741.
  • The Penn State Employee Assistance Program, through the EAP+Work/Life program, offers short-term counseling from licensed EAP professionals, by phone, email or in person to help employees better cope with personal, family and work issues. EAP also offers access to Personal Health Advocates, who can help navigate healthcare and insurance systems, efficiently and dependably. More information is available at
Last Updated December 11, 2019