Many leave their mark during beam-signing at The Graham Center, Penn State York

October 30, 2019

More than 100 Penn State York students, faculty, staff and friends of the campus had the opportunity to leave their mark on a steel beam that will be a part of the new Graham Center for Innovation and Collaboration (The Graham Center) under construction at the campus. The beam-signing event took place on Oct. 28.

David Christiansen, chancellor of Penn State York, and Allan Lehman, director of the Graham Fellows Program for Entrepreneurial Leadership (Graham Fellows Program) welcomed attendees to the ceremony. Graham candidates, students in the program, were the first to sign the beam and become a permanent part of the building.

Graham Beam Signing 1

Colored marks were the tool of choice and a steel beam was the canvas for Penn State York students, faculty, staff, and friends of the campus to use to leave their mark on the Graham Center for Innovation and Collaboration (The Graham Center) during an event on Oct. 28. 

IMAGE: Dave McLaughlin

Those in attendance grabbed different colored markers and signed the beam. Some people simply signed their names, while other indicated their support of Penn State and their graduation dates, either past or projected.  The beam will be installed in the new building in the coming weeks.

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The 7,945-square-foot, two-story building incorporates an open-concept floor plan to provide flexible space that can accommodate smaller collaborative student group work, individual mentoring sessions, and formal classes or lectures, as well as large events and presentations. There will be space for students to meet and engage with members of the local business community, and office space for the director and others associated with the program. The design incorporates a large amount of glass to allow for plenty of natural light in the open spaces and breathtaking views.

The Graham Center for Innovation and Collaboration will provide space for current programming and growth in the future. It will be located prominently on campus to provide visibility to the center’s activities and convenient access for corporate partners.

The total project budget, including furniture, fixtures and equipment, is approximately $5 million, and is expected to be completed by late spring 2020, in time for the Penn State Board of Trustees meeting at the York campus in July.

Thanks to generous support from Donald Graham, York business leader and philanthropist; John and Maria Polli, local philanthropists; two local foundations, the Powder Mill Foundation and the J. William Warehime Foundation; and the University, the Graham Fellows Program will have a new home.  

Graham Beam Signing 2

The beam-signing ceremony brought together more than 100 people to leave their a mark on a steel beam that will become a part of a new building under construction at Penn State York. 

IMAGE: Dave McLaughlin

There are currently 58 students in the Graham Fellow Program. These Graham Candidates take part in a variety of events and activities to prepare them to enter the workforce. The Graham Fellows Program is designed to enhance students’ career preparation experiences through interdisciplinary coursework, mock interviews, workshops in résumé writing, etiquette dining, networking opportunities with local business, and, in some cases, internship experiences. The Graham Speaker Series also provides students with opportunities to meet and hear from local and national leaders in a variety of career fields. To learn more about the Graham Fellows Program, and see daily photos from the building construction site, visit the website.


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