Alumni Updates: Aug. 14, 2019

College of Education
August 14, 2019

— Leanna L. Meiser, who holds a master of education degree from the College of Education, was appointed to the Board of Directors of PSECU during a board executive session in April. Meiser’s appointment as director became effective May 1 and follows her service to the organization as associate director since 2016. Meiser also is senior manager of workplace productivity and technology for The Hershey Co.

— Yanira Oliveras, an alumna who received a bachelor's in elementary education (1994), master's in curriculum and instruction (1997) and doctorate in curriculum and instruction (2014), is a curriculum and instruction program coordinator for the School of Education at the University of Texas at Tyler. In her role, she has been leading study-abroad trips to remote villages in southern Belize since 2016. Her students (pre-service teachers and educational leadership students) model lessons as professional development for Belizean principals in these remote villages. They also conduct research related to different educational issues, including the role of teaching principals and their role as leaders in the villages.

— Emily Sabo, a 2014 alumna in World Language Education (Spanish), will be giving a TEDx talk on Oct. 18. She is a fourth-year doctoral student studying linguistics at the University of Michigan and researching how bilinguals process Spanish-accented English speech.

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Last Updated August 14, 2019