Five added to Student Engagement Network's Faculty Academy

July 30, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Five faculty were added to the Faculty Academy program through the Student Engagement Network at Penn State.

The goal of the Faculty Academy is to advance engaged scholarship at Penn State. Faculty apply to the academy with a proposal to deepen the campus-wide discourse, practice and recognition of engaged scholarship at the University. Selection to the academy can be for one- or two-year appointments.

Named as one-year fellows through the Faculty Academy were Beth King, associate teaching professor, Department of Geography; Julian Avery, assistant research professor, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management; Angela Rothrock, assistant professor, School of Visual Arts; and Hailley Fargo, student engagement and assistant outreach librarian, Library Learning Services.

Tom Hogan, professor of practice, School of Labor & Employment Relations, was named to a two-year post as a Faculty Academy scholar.

“The Student Engagement Network is looking forward to working with the new academy members as we continue to examine best practices as an institution and scale student engagement across the commonwealth,” said Mike Zeman, director of the network.

Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan, professor of practice, School of Labor & Employment Relations

IMAGE: Penn State

Hogan is leading research to create and disseminate knowledge about arts, student engagement and engaged scholarship and how the performing arts can be an agent of change and help create a more inclusive and welcoming environment at Penn State. Students will research policies and approaches to determine best practices related to engagement, then share those findings.

Beth King

Beth King, associate teaching professor, Department of Geography. 

IMAGE: Penn State

King intends to create a study abroad experience for earth and mineral sciences students built on The Center for Advancement of Undergraduate Studies and Experience program. Undergraduate students and online adult graduate students would collaborate to design solutions for the refugee crisis.

Julian Avery

Julian Avery, assistant research professor, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

IMAGE: Penn State

Avery hopes to engage students and scholarship in biodiversity conservation. Students will — through partnerships with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission — have the opportunity to work with professionals and analyze their own data through Avery’s hands-on classes and field and laboratory work.

Angela Rothrock

Angela Rothrock, assistant professor, School of Visual Arts.

IMAGE: Penn State

Rothrock is working to create a first-year engagement seminar course that includes a study away component in Philadelphia. Students will be immersed in an urban environment where they can explore cultural representations and community tensions through visual art.

Hailley Fargo

Hailley Fargo, student engagement coordinator, Library Learning Services, Penn State University Libraries

IMAGE: Penn State

Fargo will be mapping the student engagement journey through in-depth interviews with students to explore how students navigate and choose experiences. The project will also allow an undergraduate research assistant to play a role in gathering and analyzing data.

“We know that students benefit greatly through engaged learning,” said Alan Rieck, associate vice president and associate dean of Undergraduate Education. “We also know that faculty and staff are the ones who provide the rich experiences that prepare students to become outstanding citizens and contributors to their communities. The Faculty Academy exists to support faculty, facilitate experiences and create knowledge around the effectiveness of those experiences.”

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The Student Engagement Network is a joint initiative between Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs and Outreach and Online Education. The mission of the Student Engagement Network is to advance the power of participation by connecting students with experiences that empower them to make a positive impact as citizens and leaders of the world.

Last Updated August 12, 2019