New 2FA prompt now live on WebAccess

June 18, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A new two-factor authentication (2FA) prompt is now live on WebAccess, the University’s authentication system. It appears as a white box on the second login screen with green buttons that display the three 2FA access methods.  

The functionality of the new 2FA prompt is the same as its predecessor. However, this upgrade to the 2FA system also supports cybersecurity and has allowed new features to be enabled. 

The “Remember me for 24 hours” feature allows users to authenticate less frequently. Checking this feature before authenticating temporarily eliminates the need for users to reauthenticate each time they log in to WebAccess from the same device and web browser. Each time users are prompted to log in to WebAccess, they will only need to enter their user ID and password. This feature should only be used when logging in from a personal device. It should not be used when logging in from public or shared devices.

In addition, the new 2FA prompt also will recognize and notify users when they are using outdated operating systems, web browsers, or flash or java plugins. Encouraging users to update their software improves their overall personal security posture and helps to keep Penn State online resources more secure. Software updates are strongly encouraged, but not required to complete the 2FA process. If prompted to update, users can choose to follow the prompt to complete their update or dismiss the notification and continue directly to the authentication process.

To learn more about the new 2FA prompt and features, review the following Knowledge Base (KB) articles: 

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Last Updated June 18, 2019