Around the College: June 5, 2019

College of Education
June 05, 2019

Erica Frankenberg, professor of education (educational leadership) and demography, was quoted by The New York Times in the article "'Threatening the Future': The High Stakes of Deepening School Segregation." A report she co-authored titled "Harming our Common Future: America's Segregated Schools 65 Years after Brown," also was reported on by several media outlets, including ABC News, CBS News, Newsweek, Vox, Chicago Sun-Times, Mother Jones and WNYC Studios' The Takeaway. Frankenberg also discussed the report in an interview with Jacqueline Luqman of The Real News Network.

— Roger Geiger, distinguished professor emeritus of education (education policy studies), was quoted in the article "Why do Schools Read Everyone's Names at Graduation?" published by The Atlantic.

Maithreyi Gopalan, assistant professor of education (educational theory and policy), published "Understanding the Racial Discipline Gap in Schools" in AERA Open.

Ty Hollett, assistant professor of education (learning, design and technology), has co-edited "Affective potentials in informal technology-enhanced learning settings," published in The British Journal of Educational Technology. He also published "The idiocultural sensibilities of spothunting in action sports culture: affect, desire, change" in Mind, Culture, and Activity.

Michelle Knotts, assistant professor of education (curriculum and instruction), was awarded a Partners in Prevention Award for her work with Centre Safe, formerly the Centre County Women's Resource Center. According to the Centre Safe website, the award "goes to members of the community who have emerged as key leaders in the work to end domestic and sexual violence."

David Passmore, distinguished professor of education (workforce education and development), presented "Can music experiences contribute to the well-being of faculty members in Ukraine and the USA?" at the Second International Scientific Conference on Human Integrity: Philosophical, Psychological, Medical and Legal Polygon in Odessa, Ukraine. He also attended EdTech 2019: Meeting of the Irish Learning and Technology Association in Dundalk, Ireland, where he presented "Applying opinion mining to evaluating instruction" and "Interpreting and explaining decisions from a machine learning algorithm that predicts mathematics achievement."

Gabriela Richard, assistant professor of education (learning, design, and technology), has been selected as a Belfer Fellow by the Anti-Defamation League Center for Technology and Society. As part of the fellowship, she will receive up to $50,000 to engage in a research project in coordination with the Center for Technology and Society.

Kelly Ochs Rosinger and Karly Ford, assistant professors of education (higher education), published "Pell Grant Versus Income Data in Postsecondary Research," which highlights the limitations of the federal Pell Grant as a measure of low-income status, in Educational Researcher.

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