Stopping Malaria at its Source

April 30, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — While touring a hospital in India, Penn State entomologist Matthew Thomas recalls walking past the intensive care unit and seeing a young boy — about 14 years old — severely ill from malaria. He learned later that the boy had died the following day, and the unfortunate circumstance of it all stayed with Thomas. If the boy had been bitten by any other mosquito, he may not have died.

An underlying theme of Thomas’s career has been to address the question of what makes a pest a pest, and what can be done about it. Having witnessed the impact of malaria firsthand, and having been infected twice himself, the pest that Thomas thinks most about these days is the malaria mosquito, and he is currently working with an international team of researchers to implement a practical solution to what is considered to be one of the more severe public health problems worldwide.

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Last Updated May 06, 2019