Penn State IT Alerts receive upgrades

April 17, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Information Technology has upgraded IT Alerts to better notify users about updates and changes to IT services.

Starting on April 17, any member of the University community who subscribes to alerts will notice a more user-focused experience featuring consistently formatted alerts that provide the most need-to-know information about IT services most important to them. Users who subscribe will be alerted via email. Alerts also can be found on the new system status page.

Upgrading Penn State IT Alerts will provide the University community with additional benefits and capabilities. These improvements include additional transparency of IT services, enhanced monitoring of alerts, making them easier to create and distribute, and allowing users to receive notifications on a service-specific basis.

Additionally, the new alert system is fully integrated with Penn State IT’s service management tool, ServiceNow, and will relay information about major incidents, including service degradations, planned outages and more. This integration will help improve operational efficiency, as it requires less manual effort from IT staff.

Users of Penn State IT services can find more information about Penn State IT Alerts, view samples of the new alerts, and get an overview of how the new alerts process works at the New Alerts for End Users page.

Visit the Penn State Knowledge Base for directions on how to sign up for service-specific alerts.

Last Updated April 17, 2019