Annual ceremony honors newest members of Woolsack Honor Society

April 09, 2019

CARLISLE, Pa. — Nine third-year Dickinson Law students were inducted into the Woolsack Honor Society during a ceremony held on Wednesday, April 3. Dean and Professor of Law Gary S. Gildin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor of Law Amy Gaudion, and Assistant Dean of Student Services Yolanda Ingram presented honorary plaques and pillows to recognize the students for their academic accomplishments during law school.

“The Woolsack Award is an appropriate and deserved retrospective recognition of the recipients’ success on law school exams, success in course writings and success in experiential learning settings,” said Gildin. “Prospectively, the award will be worthwhile only if the recipients do three things: apply to the legal questions they will confront the same intelligence, diligence and ethics they brought to their law school studies; attend just as carefully to their clients’ human needs through listening, empathy and practical problem solving; and use their talents in service of communities that they are passionate about impacting.”

Founded in 1920, the Woolsack Honor Society recognizes students who have distinguished themselves for academic excellence at Dickinson Law. Membership is earned by students whose academic accomplishments place them in the top 15 percent of their class at the end of five or six semesters of work.

The 2019 inductees of the Woolsack Honor Society are Nader Amro Amer, Doris Baxley, Spencer Hamilton Christian Bradley, Ian Ross Brinkman, Chelsea Elizabeth Conway, Sarah Paige Kaboly, Rebecca C. Marsnik, Malcolm McDermond and Olivia C. Phillips.

“The Woolsack Honor Society is recognized across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a reflection of Dickinson Law’s honor students,” said Baxley. “Being inducted will help my legal career as it shows my membership in a valuable community of academic scholars.”

McDermond, one of nine inductees, offered his advice for first-year and second-year law students aspiring to earn this recognition.

“Be diligent and endure," he said. "We all know law school is emotionally, mentally, and even physically draining, but enduring through the difficult times and struggles is the key to success.”

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Last Updated April 09, 2019