Penn State community can participate in Earth Hour, a global movement

Marchella Verdi and Peter Boger
March 28, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Saving the planet! It’s an overwhelming mission to contemplate. But with all the bustle of classes, jobs, the Internet, friends and family, it’s even more difficult to find any time to think about the big picture and how you fit in.

That’s where Earth Hour comes in. 

“Earth Hour is a time to slow down, take stock and re-connect with our communities about things that matter,” explained Peter Boger, assistant director for community outreach in Penn State’s Sustainability Institute. “It’s also a chance to spark change and action. This year the Sustainability Institute is encouraging the entire Penn State community to get involved.”

At 8:30 p.m. local time March 30, Earth Hour begins in all time zones. Individuals can participate by turning off electric lights and starting a conversation about the planet. This year’s theme is Connect2Earth, encouraging participants to share why nature matters to them and educating people about how to arrest the decline of biodiversity and ecosystems worldwide. Afterwards, participants can use the hashtag #Connect2Earth to share their Earth Hour events and pledges of action, connecting to the global movement. 

Started in 2007 as a symbolic, “lights out” event in Sydney, Australia, Earth Hour has expanded in the last 12 years into a global phenomenon of grassroots-powered activism. Last year, participants in more than 180 nations took part, with many iconic monuments worldwide from the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the Empire State Building dimming their lights for an hour.

One way students at Penn State's University Park campus can get involved in actions like this on a more regular basis is by joining Friday Night Lights Out, which is a weekly program in which student volunteers go around buildings across campus each Friday and turn off classroom lights as well as check on any open windows or heating problems, helping the University reduce its energy use. To check out more about Friday Night Lights Out and sign up to volunteer, click here

The official Earth Hour video is available here. More information about how people can get involved and take action with Earth Hour globally is available here.

Last Updated March 28, 2019