Nominations open to recognize LGBTQA community contributions

March 21, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Each year, the LGBTQA Student Resource Center, a unit of Penn State Student Affairs, acknowledges outstanding contributions and service to the LGBTQA community. The center is currently seeking nominations for the 2019 awards. Faculty, staff and students are all eligible to receive one of three awards and self-nominations are accepted.

The Dr. Susan R. Rankin Award

Established in 2007, this award honors someone who shows leadership, integrity, and has made outstanding contributions to Penn State. It is given annually to a student, staff member, faculty member, community member or organization who has provided leadership and service to the LGBTQA community and who demonstrates outstanding efforts in leadership, integrity and contributions to the LGBTQA community. 

2019 Outstanding Service Award 

This award honors individuals within the University community who have shown outstanding service regarding LGBTQ concerns at Penn State. The definition of service is open to interpretation, but all nominees should be active participants in improving the climate of diversity and inclusion for LGBTQ people at Penn State.  

2019 Academic Achievement Award

This award honors individuals at Penn State who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the areas of research, teaching and/or academic course work. Nominations should preferably acknowledge meritorious faculty, staff and students whose academic achievements are LGBTQ-focused but could also acknowledge the achievements of LGBTQ people in any area of research, teaching and student scholastic engagement.

For more information on these awards, or to nominate someone, visit the LGBTQA Student Resource Center’s website. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. March 29. Award recipients will be recognized at the Lavender Graduation ceremony on April 12. 

Last Updated March 21, 2019