University leaders respond to leak of unauthorized report

February 12, 2019

WJAC TV, the NBC affiliate station in Johnstown, Pa., aired a story on Feb. 11 based on an unauthroized June 29, 2018, report written by a group of seven alumni-elected trustees of Penn State’s Board of Trustees. Below is a response from Penn State President Eric J. Barron and Board Chair Mark H. Dambly related to the release of information.

The public disclosure of this unauthorized report in apparent violation of court-ordered confidentiality is reprehensible. We wish to make clear the report does not represent the position or opinions of the Penn State Board of Trustees or the University in any way. It is the expression of the personal opinions of the authors. It is also important to understand the University obtained a confidentiality order for the Freeh materials from a court in order to protect and promote a culture that asks employees to tell the truth and to speak up and report wrongdoing when they see it, without fear of retaliation. Finding the truth is dependent on such a commitment of confidentiality. This leak undermines these values and discourages a culture of reporting at Penn State. Furthermore, it is unfair to the men and women who provided information to Judge Freeh and his team, with an understanding that what they said to the interviewer would be maintained in confidence to the extent possible.

Mark H. Dambly, Chairman, Penn State Board of Trustees

Eric J. Barron, President, Penn State

Last Updated May 24, 2019